Let’s Get Physical! 5 Most Effective Exercises For Losing Weight

Working out every day isn’t always easy. It seems as though a million things become more urgent than heading to the gym, but staying healthy is also a big concern. We want the maximum payoff for our precious time spent on exercise. So what are the best exercises for losing weight and keeping physically fit? The American College of Sports Medicine has the answers…

You’ve got to MOVE IT! MOVE IT! to stay healthy

Start slow with a short, brisk walk around the block. See how good that feels? Now let’s build up to longer walks and step up our game to a jog. Jogging burns around 450 calories an hour and gets the heart rate up quickly. If jogging isn’t your cup of tea, what’s most important is to just get moving – gardening, cycling, tennis, hiking, kayaking – pick something that you enjoy and do it every day. You’ll feel the effects as the pounds start to shed and your stamina and strength increase. Just keep moving!

BULK up those muscles to keep up the calorie burn

Our muscles are the key to lasting weight loss. Building muscle mass burns FAT fast and keeps on burning it for up to 48 hours after you’ve finished exercising. How’s that for a positive after-effect? Weight training can be done in the gym or at home with water-filled plastic bottles. Not only will you burn fat, but an increase in strength is another bonus that comes quickly when training with weights. Set a schedule and stick with it for at least a month for best results.

Find a pool and SWIM!

One of the best exercises you can do to burn calories efficiently. Swimming uses at least 650 calories an hour AND your body doesn’t pay the price of many high impact sports. The simple crawl swim move only takes a few minutes to master and you won’t even break a sweat. As your swimming skills increase, you’ll quickly master new strokes to make this sport one to last a lifetime.

SQUAT and give me 10!

This super fat burner and muscle builder is so easy you’ll wonder why you haven’t been doing it every day. No equipment needed. Just take those big muscles in your glutes, quads, and hamstrings through a full range of motion and SQUAT. Keep your feet just a little over shoulder-width apart, hips over knees, and back straight. Stretch out both arms parallel to the floor with palms down. Squat down, keeping your back straight and sink as deeply as comfortable. Repeat and feel your core get stronger with every set.

Find a rope and JUMP!

Jumping rope burns a whopping 680 calories an hour! And you don’t need anything more than a good jump rope and a little bit of floor space. It’s even possible to do the same jump rope movements WITHOUT a rope if there isn’t one handy. Keep your feet shoulder-width apart and hop 3-5 inches from the floor. Crank up the music and get your heart pumping!

Health experts agree that exercising 20-30 minutes a day at least 3 times a week should be the goal. So let’s get out there and get moving!

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