India – Medical Tourism Top Destination

India has rightfully earned the reputation for excellence and innovation with heart surgeries, joint-replacement, and hip-resurfacing medical tourism procedures. In terms of medical money savings and widely spoken English, India ranks highest among popular destinations. An estimated 150,000 Westerners and over 2 million worldwide travel to India every year to take advantage of the highly trained physicians and technologically advanced hospital facilities that India has to offer.

*Vaccinations and entry requirements

Recommended vaccinations:

  • Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhoid only if dining outside of major hotels or restaurants
  • Malaria


Useful links for entry and exit requirements information:


*India procedures of excellence

Hip re-surfacing, advanced cardiology, ayurvedic medicine, infertility treatments, orthopedic surgery, satellite-linked telemedicine, plastic surgery, stem cell research


*Notable facilities in India by city


PD Hinduja National Hospital & Medical Research Centre. Established in cooperation with Massachusetts General Hospital , a teaching facility of Harvard University, this 380-bed ultramodern center specializes in world class medical services. Cancer management, orthopedics, neurology and cardiology are just a few of the comprehensive treatments provided.

Wockhardt Hospital & Heart Institute. This hospital carries the distinction of offering the highest level of tertiary cardiac care in its heart center. This is the first hospital in South Asia to be recognized by the American BlueCross BlueShield Association on their worldwide network of participating hospitals


All India Institute of Medical Services (AIIMS). With 1766 beds, 1323 doctors, 25 clinical departments, and 4 super-specialty centers, this institute handles all aspects of medical tourism. Know specifically for advances in pediatric heart surgery, AIIMS provides a low-cost alternative to many expensive procedures.


*Transportation to and around India

As traffic is a huge problem in most large cities of India, transportation to and from the airport is typically handled by the hospital where you receive treatment or the medical travel agent booking the package. Many of India’s modern medical hospitals and clinics are located near the slums where there is ample evidence of the national poverty problem.


*Cultural hints to know about India before you go

Indian Traditions and Customs

Excessive displays of affection (kissing or touching) is considered impolite in public places.

Women should respectfully cover their legs and shoulders when in public.

An Indian man doesn’t shake a woman’s hand unless she initiates the handshake first.

Raising one’s voice in public is considered impolite.

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