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Known as “The Land of Smiles”, Thailand boasts one of the fastest growing segments of Medical Tourism in the world. Popular tourist destinations of Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, and Chiang Mai combined with excellent hospital facilities and high standards of care put Thailand at the top of the list for many choosing to have medical procedures performed abroad.

*Vaccinations and entry requirements

Recommended vaccinations:

  • Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and Typhoid are recommended only if dining outside of major hotels or restaurants
  • There are no required vaccinations.


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*Thailand procedures of excellence

Cosmetic surgery, advanced dental care, gastric bypass surgery, heart surgery, hip replacement, ophthalmology, dialysis, pediatric and adult cardiology, as well as post-surgical retreats are all part of what makes Thailand a top choice for Medical Tourism decisions.


*Notable facilities in Thailand


Bangkok Hospital Medical Center (BMC). Since 1971, this 500-bed JCI accredited hospital has held the distinction of being one of the most technologically sophisticated healthcare centers in the world. Sixteen specialized centers provide internationally trained physicians in cardiology, orthopedics, neurology and more.

Bangkok International Dental Center (BIDC). This dental complex boasts a seven-story dental clinic, hotel, bank, laboratory and restaurant. Dental specialties include dental implants, crowns and restorations.


Phuket International Hospital (PIH). With specialties in cardiology, plastic surgery, LASIX eye surgery, neurosurgery, and pediatrics, PIH treats more than 2,000 patients a year from the US and Canada.


*Transportation to and around Thailand

Transportation to and from the airport is typically handled by the hospital where you receive treatment or the medical travel agent booking the package. While in Bangkok, the Sky Train is an excellent way to see the city. And for the adventurous, the motorized 3-wheeled Tuk-Tuks give a true taste of Thailand to those traveling short distances.


*Cultural  hints to know about Thailand before you go

Traditions and Customs

In Thai culture, the head is considered sacred and should not be touched casually.

The soles of the feet are seen as an unclean part of the body and should not be exposed to others as this is a sign of disrespect.

The traditional Thai greeting of bowing slightly with hands clasped in front as if folded in prayer is called the wai. The higher the hands are held in front of the face and deeper the bow, the more respect is being shown to the receiver. The wai may also be used to say “Thank You” or apologize.

Costa Rica – A Tropical Choice for Medical Tourism


Because of it’s close proximity to the United States, Costa Rica is another country that is appealing to the US citizen when looking for Medical Tourism destinations.  Located between the land of Panama and Nicaragua, as well as the waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, Costa Rica is not only a convenient destination, it is also a beautiful one.  Costa Rica offers something for everyone with it’s tropical forests, to it’s volcanoes, or even the white, sandy beaches.  Clearly a wonderful place to relax and recuperate!

*Vaccinations and entry requirements

While there are no required vaccinations for Costa Rica, the usual recommended vaccinations include Hepatitis A and Typhoid, but only if dining outside of major hotels or restaurants. A passport is required for entry and typically it is not required to have a Visa.

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*Costa Rica procedures of excellence

Costa Rica is most commonly known for it’s cosmetic surgery, orthopedics, weight loss surgery, and dental work.

*Notable facilities in Costa Rica

The Joint Commission International (JCI) has accredited three hospitals in Costa Rica:

Hospital CIMA, San Jose
Hospital Clinica Biblica, San Jose
Hospital La Catolica, Guadalupe, San Jose

*Transportation to and around Costa Rica

The majority of travelers enter Costa Rica via plane through San Jose.  It is relatively easy to get through the entry process in San Jose.  There are a few nationals that are required to have a visa to enter and they do need to be arranged prior to entry into the country.  Be sure to confirm your specific requirements.

*Cultural things to know about Costa Rica before you go

Traditions and Customs

Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica although English is understood by many.  If you are visiting the major tourist areas or the capital, where many of the facilities are located, you should not have a problem with a language barrier.  With all foreign countries, if you speak even a small amount of native language it goes a long way.

Costa Ricans are very focused on family and the family traditions.  While many women play important roles in government and business, there are still many traditions of gender differences and men and women are expected to act differently from each other and respect those individual roles.

India – Medical Tourism Top Destination

India has rightfully earned the reputation for excellence and innovation with heart surgeries, joint-replacement, and hip-resurfacing medical tourism procedures. In terms of medical money savings and widely spoken English, India ranks highest among popular destinations. An estimated 150,000 Westerners and over 2 million worldwide travel to India every year to take advantage of the highly trained physicians and technologically advanced hospital facilities that India has to offer.

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Medical Tourism


Medical Tourism is one of the most rapidly growing segments of the Travel Industry. Whether it’s for cosmetic surgery, fertility treatments or excellent dental care at a fraction of the cost found at home – taking a trip abroad to obtain medical services is becoming more and more popular.

As with any medical decision, it’s important to know the facts before you go. What procedures are available? Which destinations are easiest to navigate in terms of language and culture? How can I combine a luxury vacation with these medical services? We’re here to answer these questions and hopefully point you in the right direction when your health and travel needs come together.

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