Hip Resurfacing – Medical Tourism Procedure


What is Hip Resurfacing?

Hip resurfacing is something to consider when facing the choice of a total hip replacement. Unlike the traditional total hip replacement surgery, hip resurfacing (also known as surface replacement arthroplasty) involves only replacing the top of the worn and painful ball joint with a chrome alloy cap. With total hip replacement, the recovery period is longer, bone mass is lost and possible complications increase. Hip resurfacing in the US is not as popular among surgeons as total hip replacement and it may be harder to find doctors trained in this specialty procedure. By going abroad, you may have access to newer and more advanced surgeries than are currently available in the US and at a significantly lower cost. Suitability for hip resurfacing vs. total hip replacement can be determined by your doctor and is decided based on the patient’s anatomy and ability to recover from the surgery.

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