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This is how it usually happens. You’re looking for quarters under the sofa cushions or rummaging to find your dropped sunglasses under the car seat – and you find a stray tablet or capsule. You can’t, for the life of you, remember what it was or where it came from. Is this a vitamin? An aspirin? Or a prescription medication you filled last fall?

Or, you open up your prescription from the pharmacy and the pills look different. Was this a mistake or perhaps the pharmacy has changed companies that make your tablets – there are LOTS of different generic companies out there. How would you know for sure?

Or, you’re putting up the laundry in your daughter’s room and come upon several stray capsules in a bag. She doesn’t get home until later and your curiosity won’t let you rest until you know what they are used for.

All of these scenarios are times when a pill identifier comes in very handy. Pill identifiers can bring peace of mind when you’re not quite sure or give you valuable information in case of an accidental overdose. They use a national database of drugs and their specific identifications – like imprints, colors and  shapes. You simply type in what you see on the tablet or capsule and your result pops right up!

On-line pill identifiers that I use quite often and trust are listed below.

Drugs.com Pill Identification Wizard

WebMD Pill Identification Tool

National Library of Medicine Pill Box

If you can’t find what you need on these web sites, don’t hesitate to give your healthcare provider a call right away. It’s important to be absolutely sure before taking any medications. Your health is the top priority!

As with all medical conditions discussed on the Internet, check first with your doctor before using any alternative treatments.

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