Travel Health Talk – What’s Trending On The Web This Week #THT

Travel Health Talk #THT is a new weekly feature from The Travel Pharmacist. We’ll keep you “in-the-know” on the trending health topics from all over the world!

An Apple a Day? The Apple Watch may actually be good for your health.

The Apple Watch is a great device for a lot of things, most notably fitness. Just like other smartwatches and fitness bands, the Watch can measure your heart rate and record fitness sessions, relaying all the data back to the iPhone and the other health-related apps you have installed.  Read more…

A Lung Cancer Vaccine 90 miles Away in Cuba? Cuba has lung cancer vaccine ready for the US to test.

Travel Health Talk #THT

Back in December, the United States and Cuba announced major steps to end their 50 years of hostility. And some researchers think Americans could reap an unexpected benefit: better access to Cuban medical innovations.  Read more…

10 Drug-Free Therapies to Combat Depression

#365Health #THT

Only 30 percent of people with severe depression achieve remission with the first medication prescribed. Switching to a new drug — and it often takes twelve weeks to achieve an adequate response to medication — is effective about 25 percent of the time.  Read more…

It’s All About the Music! Mozart-loving Chickens May Answer Quest for Healthier Chicken Nuggets


In barns filled with classical music and lighting that changes to match the hues outside, rows of chickens are fed a diet rich in probiotics, a regimen designed to remove the need for the drugs and chemicals that have tainted the global food chain. Read more…

Just How Many Calories Are In Starbucks’ New MINI Frappuccinos?


This week, the popular coffee chain started selling a 10-ounce Frappuccino, which are frozen drinks that usually contain a blend of coffee, ice, milk and syrup, and are sometimes topped with whipped cream. The next-smallest size (which the company calls Tall) is 12 ounces. Read more…

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