Your Weekly Health Topics Roundup! #365Health

It’s that time again! Time to recap this past week’s daily Health Tips from The Traveling Pharmacist on Facebook. We learned a great deal about the wonder of nature’s pharmacy with avocados and pears – and even had some laughs poking fun at those addicted on-line gamers (who we now know sleep better than the rest of us!).



Avocados aren’t just for salsa anymore! According to a study from Yale, eating half an avocado daily as a condiment or in a salad can cut your risk of high blood sugar by 22%! The plant compounds in avocados are called phytosterols and they work by allowing the liver to absorb excess glucose. Nature’s pharmacy is pretty amazing!



Do you know how to tell the difference between a cold and the flu? Also some good tips to help fight the flu naturally. Unfortunately, it’s that time of year again! Check out the full article on Colds & The Flu HERE.




Struggling with back pain at work? Try these body adjustments first. Start by keeping the feet flat on the floor. Don’t slump over your desk or keyboard. Try to keep the middle of your back resting lightly on the back of your chair with shoulders relaxed. For extra support, place a rolled up jacket, pillow, or towel between the lower back and your chair. Our backs have a tough job, but they’ve got our backs! 🙂



Women who snack an hour before bed take longer to fall asleep AND are less likely to experience restful sleep than women who ate that last meal 3-4 hours before bedtime. The Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine explains that once the body lies down flat, bloating and indigestion occur, making it more difficult for normal digestion to proceed. Restful sleep is interrupted and your night’s rest is disturbed. Save the extra calories and save your sleep!



Add a pear to your plate and cut down on kidney stones. According to a study from Tufts University, just eating 4 pears a week reduces your risk of kidney stones by 35%! The fiber and sugar stabilizing nutrients in pears work together in the body to stop the formation of those painful little shards. For anyone who has suffered through the torture of kidney stones, this is great news from nature!



Candy Crush Addicts Rejoice!! Studies now show that you’re likely to fall asleep twice as fast and sleep more deeply if you play mentally challenging, low stress games – like Candy Crush or Farm Heroes – just before bedtime. This brief mental exercise helps you replace everyday worries and stress with mind challenging fun. It’s true – Candy Crushers sleep better!


#365HealthThe American Heart Association recommends taking a low-dose (81mg) aspirin once a day for heart attack prevention if you’re at high risk or have already had a heart attack or stroke. Aspirin works by preventing blood clots – the main cause of heart attacks and some strokes. But check with your doctor first before starting an aspirin regimen. The anti-clotting factor that makes aspirin so effective against heart attacks can also cause GI bleeding in some people, so check with your MD first!

I can’t believe it’s been another week already! Time just flies by so fast. Well, at least we’re trying to learn something new each day to help us stay healthy. What was your favorite health topics take-away this week?

Oh, and thanks so much for stopping by – we really appreciate it!

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